Versadesk: A Healthy Way to Work

Researchers have discovered that Sitting is Killing You. Kinda scary considering most of us are tied to a desk all day, isn’t it? Most employers will shrug you off if you ask for a standing desk or a treadmill desk (which cost quite a bit, in most cases) What are we supposed to do?


Meet Versadesk.

Versadesk: A Healthy Way to Work

Versadesk comes in black or grey and single or double monitor sizes.  The single-monitor size costs $275.00 and you can grab the double-monitor size for $300.00. Personally, I think I’d get the double-monitor size so I’d have plenty of room for a book and a notebook, which I usually have beside me anyway.

Why I Like It

  • It costs much less than either a standing desk or a treadmill desk.
  • Most standing desks don’t even give you a little pencil cubby. With Versadesk I can keep my regular desk, which has drawers to hold all of my crap.
  • I wouldn’t have to rearrange my entire office or desk setup to use it.
  • It poses less risk of bodily harm than a treadmill desk for clumsy, distractible people like myself. I’m not coordinated enough to walk and work on a computer at the same time. I’d probably kill myself.
  • With Versadesk, I can at least get off of my butt without having to bend over my desk in a vulgar position to work.

Just a thought: I’d say if you assumed this vulgar bent-over position in your office often enough, they would finally break down and buy this for you. Or maybe not, depending on the bodaciousness of your derriere. Don’t wear your yoga pants to the office if you’re vying to get your boss to buy this. I’m just sayin’.

But wait – there’s more! Versadesk comes with an app! Woo!

Versadesk Desktop App

Check this out:

Versadesk: A Healthy Way to Work
Versadesk desktop app reminds you to stand up.

If you’re like me, you get in the flow and get lost in your work. Before you know it, hours have gone by and you haven’t taken a break. Versadesk’s desktop app will remind you to stand up throughout the day. Problem solved.

How awesome is this?!

This is going on my wish list. Is it going on yours? Do you think your company would buy this for you if you requested it? Have you found a better way to avoid sitting while you work? Let us know in the comments!


Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. I am not affiliated with this company in any way, nor am I receiving any benefit of any kind to write this post. I stumbled across this product trying to find a way to reduce back and hip pain while working at my desk. The opinions in this post are completely my own. I don’t own the product, but I wish I did! Should Versadesk decide to send me one of these, I would gladly accept it!


Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Versadesk: A Healthy Way to Work

  1. I want this!!!! But no, my company would never approve the purchase. We have a hard enough time getting a box of tissues to keep at our desks. No joke.

  2. Hi Toni,

    Good to see this new site.

    This is a great concept of a stand up work station. The problem I see is that it may not be universally accepted in an office situation and so implementing a change would be tough.

    So what could be the way forward.


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