The Perfect Shower For Fibro

Look at this shower…

The Perfect Shower For Fibro

This shower looks like heaven, does it not? Made by Dornbracht, it’s also capable of  “A variety of pre-programed choreographies [that] vary in water temperature, intensity and quantity.”


This Might Be The Perfect Shower For Fibro

Hell, this might be the perfect shower for everybody.

Just imagine – especially if you have fibromyalgia or chronic pain – lying down under this divine deluge of deep relaxation fit for a goddess. I bet it’ll turn your stiff, sore muscles into melted butter.

Seriously, if I had this, my water bill would be ridiculous because I’d sleep in it. I guess I’d need to get a new water heater, preferably one exclusively for my badass shower, so the water never runs cold. Nevermind how ecologically unfriendly that would be. If I had this, I wouldn’t give a shit if it poured cat piss.

Well, on second thought…No.

I should’ve went with Skittles, you know, so I could taste the rainbow and whatnot. Ooohhh…COFFEE! Yes, coffee! Make it pour coffee!

OMG – And how easy would that be to clean?! As easy as wiping a countertop! Fibro-friendly, I’m tellin’ ya. Look at these photos and try not to drool.


Yeah, well..keep dreaming.

The price of this heavenly wonder is $35,000.

I know, right? Damn.

Even with the price, this looks so delicious, I keep thinking of ways I might be able to get one.

My insurance should totally pay for this. I need one, medically I mean. Like that will ever happen.

Maybe I could talk my doctor into doing a clinical trial on hot water as a treatment for chronic pain using this shower! Oh, yeah. Then, I’d GET PAID to have this thing turn me into melted butter! Woo!

I’m a genius.

BRB I’m calling my doctor…

She said no. Damn. This is going to be harder than I thought.

Wait! I’ve got another idea!

A Cheaper Alternative To The Horizontal Shower

Need something cheaper?

I have just the thing…




Wait for it…







The Perfect Shower For Fibro
The Dornbracht Horizontal Shower Alternative – Hillbilly Style


I hope you don’t mind cold water. Or your neighbors seeing you naked.

Until next time…




The Perfect Shower For Fibro

10 thoughts on “The Perfect Shower For Fibro

  1. Yep…WANT. And then a dyson style whole body dryer…that slides out under the water jet bit (when the waters off obviously) so you just lay there and it dries you too.
    The surface to lay on looks a bit hard…it needs further development. They evidently need volunteers to help them to fine tune the design and thus widen their market…

  2. I bet that shower would be awesome. Oh, and I gave you back one of the awards :D. You deserve it. And you totally deserve that shower, but the award will have to be enough for now. I promise I’ll buy you one if I win 10 million euro in the lottery.

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