A Candle For Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Victims In Newtown, Connecticut

A Candle For Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Victims In Newtown, Connecticut

What goes wrong with a person that causes them to commit such an evil against sweet little babies?

I think most Americans are wondering this, too. I don’t have anything profound or insightful to say about this overwhelming tragedy. Right now, I’m just trying to process it.

This breaks my heart. I just can’t find the words to express how deeply this has affected me. Little Dragon is in fourth grade. Tater will be going to kindergarten in a few years. Little Tiger will be moving away to college this fall. Will they be safe? Their schools are set up with the same safety procedures as Sandy Hook – all of the exterior doors are locked and visitors have to be buzzed in and report to the office, which apparently doesn’t mean a damn thing.

I think I speak for all parents when I say we have enough to worry about while raising our babies without the threat of some homicidal psychopath with semi-automatic weapons barging into our schools to kill our babies and devastate our communities.

But, what about the children who are exposed to violence EVERY SINGLE DAY?

There are children – babies – in your community right now being victimized in ways that will make your skin crawl.

Violence Against Children Happens Every Single Day

This tragedy is absolutely heartbreaking. It shouldn’t have happened, and yet, I’m somewhat conflicted. In reading about the Sandy Hook shooting last night, I came across other stories of horrific crimes against children that very literally turned my stomach. Yet, none of these stories got a fraction of the outrage or coverage, but should have, in my opinion.

I read about a three-year-old boy whose mother and father took turns beating him for an hour because he peed his pants instead of using the potty. As he lay dying, they ate pizza and watched a movie. Then, after the movie, the mother called 911 to complain that he was wheezing and she couldn’t sleep. SHE couldn’t sleep. The boy died later that night.

Those kinds of stories come out every single day, yet it seems very few people even blink an eye at them. Are they not just as heinous, or even more so, than the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School? I think they are.

I have a psychologist friend who works with abused children. She hears stories even worse than that one – if you can imagine anything worse than that – and tells me that there are so many cases and the laws in the area of child abuse are so weak that most of these POS parents end up getting their kids back because the system is flawed and completely overwhelmed with the high volume of violence being committed against children.

Few of these cases even make the news, and even fewer get the response that they, in my opinion, should get. Even worse, justice is not served – if there even is a suitable punishment for horrendous crimes like these. And yet, there are stories about GOOD PARENTS, GOOD PEOPLE getting arrested for stupid things, like the mother in Texas who was arrested for letting her kids play outside WHILE SHE WATCHED THEM. Seriously???

How Do We Stop The Violence?

If I knew how to fix the world, I’d spend every ounce of my energy doing it. I don’t know what the answer is. I just don’t know. At this moment, I am turned inside out and upside down by sadness, anger, disgust, and sheer hopelessness. Maybe I’m hormonal. Maybe my antidepressant is making me depressed. Maybe I shouldn’t be allowed to watch or read the news – and that would be fine by me.

What I do know is that we need to sort out our damn priorities as a society, as human beings.

Maybe I’m being too sensitive, but I find it extremely vulgar that news sites are running advertisements depicting happy children in their classrooms and opening presents on Christmas morning before videos relaying information on the shootings. Do you agree that this is absolutely tasteless?

Forgive me for being nit-picky. I’m just really upset. It’s bad enough that the holiday season has become so commercialized that people are trampling each other and committing other acts of violence just so they can get a good deal on a material item they’re eventually going to throw away. So many of us dread and even resent the holiday season because of the amount of effort and money we think we have to put into it to make everyone happy. And then, there are thousands of children who spend their precious little lives getting cussed and beaten daily, maybe even on Christmas Day.

It makes no sense that owning guns is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, but having insurance and adequate healthcare is a PRIVILEGE so many people have to do without. And yet, those with good insurance still can’t get the services they need.

(Tater’s pediatrician won’t give him his immunizations because Tater’s insurance doesn’t PAY ENOUGH on them, and I just found out that the Health Department will no longer give them to him because he has private health insurance and I’m not a single mother on welfare. F’d up much? Yes, it is. Please don’t misunderstand my meaning. Having access to public insurance, WIC, and medical services at the Health Department when a person has no other alternative is one of the best things about living in America. I have had to use this in the past and I was extremely grateful it was available to me and my oldest daughter, but that’s another post.)

Most days, I try to focus on the beauty in the world, the good things about human nature. Today is not that day. I’m overwhelmed with sadness. I want the violence to stop, but I don’t know how to fix it. I want people to stop hurting children. If you don’t love your babies, please, do the responsible, humane thing: give them up for adoption and GET YOURSELF STERILIZED! If you’re thinking about hurting another human being, especially an innocent child, please, GET HELP!

That is all I have to say. Thank you for allowing me to get this off of my chest. Now, I am going to spend some quality time with my babies. We’re making peppermint wreaths.

Hold your loved ones close and take care of each other every single day.

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