Sale Bananas + Nerve Block Results

My neurosurgeon is on my nerves (get it?) and I got a great deal on bananas.

I’m Getting A Nerve Block For Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

In this video, I discuss seeing the pain management specialist and why he wants to do a nerve block to diagnose and treat complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

Bad News From My Surgeon Today

I got bad news from my surgeon today. Basically, he can’t fix the problem with my hand because he doesn’t know what the problem is. He’s never seen a reaction to this surgery like mine. Instead, he’s sending me to a different physician to talk about having a nerve block to deal with the pain.

Snowy East Tennessee At Dusk

Took some video of the pretty snow here in East Tennessee last week. I hope you enjoy it!

Boston Heart Diagnostics + Diet Changes I’ve Made Over The Last Year

In this video, I discuss the results of the Boston Heart Diagnostics tests I had done. Plus, I talk about the diet changes I’ve made over the last year before I went vegan that contributed to my results.